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En nuestro Centro de recursos, usted encontrará la última información sobre los peligros relativos a los arcos eléctricos y a los fuegos repentinos, las mejores prácticas de los programas de ropa ignífuga y mucho más. Para acceder a un tipo de contenido específico, selecciónelo en el panel que se encuentra a la derecha.

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La diferencia entre ignifugo (Flame resistant, FR) y arco clasificado (Arc Rated, AR)

by Scott Margolin

There’s a new acronym in the world of PPE and it has been causing confusion, both among folks new to the subject as well as those long familiar with FR …


We Are All In: The Story Behind the Westex by Milliken Commitment

Westex by Milliken has always provided much more than high-performing FR fabric. For decades, we’ve taken a big picture approach to FR safety, and we have worked harder and gone …


Las demostraciones de fuego repentino hacen a que algunos vuelvan a evaluar la indumentaria

Safety managers consider several factors when evaluating PPE clothing, such as protection, comfort, value and compliance. For many, knowing that fire-resistant clothing is compliant is enough — but after watching …


An Update on OSHA’s Rule and a Look at China’s Recent Fatal Dust Tragedy

by Scott Margolin

Combustible dust deflagrations occur far more often and result in far more injuries and fatalities than most people realize, which is why this hazard has been getting…


Seeing is Believing at the University of Alberta’s Flash Fire Facility

by Greg Kelly

The University of Alberta flash fire manikin test chamber has been in service since 1988. In 2002, the University created its Protective Clothing and Equipment Research Facility (PCERF) with the …


Los peligros del polvo inflamable e fuegos repentinos

by Scott Margolin

The combustible dust hazard has gained a much higher national profile since the Imperial Sugar incident in 2008, which tragically killed 14 people and injured 36…


Indumentaria resistente al fuego: El elemento olvidado en la seguridad referente al polvo inflamable

by Jason Reason

The safety and health hazards posed by combustible dusts such as, but not limited to organic and metal dusts are unique and extremely complex…


Pensar en la protección completa

Westex urged attendees of its April 30 and May 1 conference to give serious consideration to how they think about fire-resistant clothing. By providing a variety of speakers, including subject …


La importancia de permanecer en estado de alerta

On a chilly September day in 1991, Brad Livingston was given an assignment to weld shut two pinhole leaks in a tank on a well in the Oklahoma panhandle. It was …